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Custom Shoe Charms

$10.35 $19.99
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Custom Shoe Charms

$10.35 $19.99
Tax included.Shipping calculated at checkout.

Take the way you accessorize to the next level with our Custom Shoe Charms. Add your personalized shoe charms to your favorite sneakers for the perfect acceent. Choose to have your order processed and plated with 18K gold, rose gold, or platinum over 304 stainless steel. You'll never have to worry about your charms tarnishing or losing their quality. 



Customizable accessories require a crafting/processing period of 5-25 business days.

*Business days do not include weekends or holidays.

Please contact support for a specific window of completion for your order.

All jewelry ships via USPS or FedEx and takes an estimated 7-14 business days to deliver. 

We also ship internationally via a wide range of carriers.


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